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IBN exists to the achieve the following vision and mission.

Our Vision
Consolidate our Indian business people across the globe to a single umbrella. Create strong relationship among the members.

Our Mission
Achieve strong and long term business relationships. Route the possible business opportunities to our group members. Improve the quality and quantity of business and take it the next level.

IBN Core Group will not be responsible any private business deals reached out by individual members, please take suitable professional and legal advice before entering into such business deals. IBN Core Group members are advised not to engage in any business activities without prior approval of the IBN Board and avoid business conflict of interests.
By joining the IBN Group all members are advised that you are consenting your private information under the GDPR legislation and you are assuring that you will also abide by the code of conduct rules formulated by the IBN Group. For more details, please refer to IBN Group website www.ibnuk.com